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The police dept. in Ferguson, Mo needs a new public relations firm. Discrediting the victim is the oldest trick in the book. But then you come with a weak a** charge like he stole a pack of swisher sweet cigars… lmao. Like if you would of said he was a rapists or something people MIGHT of been like “oh that Mike Brown was a dangerous guy.”

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For all the good our forefathers did with the U.S constitution they really f*cked ALL of us with this slavery thing #ThanksForTheNeverEndingRacialTension

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THESE RIOTS ARE MANIFESTATION OF FRUSTRATION AND HOPELESSNESS. If these people had hope that things would change they would be sitting at home watching T.V. Who the fuck WANTS to fight riot police anyways? White people don’t riot because why would they? I mean… are their stats and incidents of the U.S. government actively trying to fuck over white people? 

A couple of points to remember:

1.) “white people” in America DO NOT have a sense of community and a shared sense of struggle like black people do. One of my best friends is Asian and he asked me about the reaction to the Trayvon Martin verdict among black people. I told him that for black people ALL the struggles we have gone through in this nation are connected in our collective thinking. It’s ingrained in many of us growing up that the “system” is not made for us to succeed… And if you look at the black experience in America that is true. My mother was the first black kid in her elementary school and my grandfather served in the WWII when the military was still segregated. You can imagine some of the knowledge they passed on to me when they grew up being called “nigger” as a matter of course. That type of pain is passed on. That type of pain creates a community, because only a generation ago in America, ALL BLACK PEOPLE HAD TO DEPEND ON AND TRUST WAS OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

2.) RIOTS are born out of people who have no other avenue. Look at Ferguson, MO. Did you know that they city is almost half black, yet their school board and city council has one black person and the police department only has 3 black people. Research that city and they have a history of really bad police racial profiling as acknowledged by the Missouri attorney general himself. I would imagine, that the black people in that city have had a problems with the police for a LONG time and it just took this incident to bring it to a head. Just like the LA riots; its not like LAPD had JUST starting beating black people with Rodney King it’s just they were finally caught on tape. For every Rodney King there were hundreds of brutality victims that never got caught on tape (google LAPD rampart division scandal. At one point LAPD was just planting crack on monitories just to have a reason to arrest them when they had no evidence). You think people LIKE TO RIOT? Hell no. They would rather file complaints and sign petitions to get things changed… but do you think that would work? You think the Ferguson police would all of a sudden stop racial profiling and treat black people fairly if asked nicely? 

3.) proper investigation? Yes I know a couple of police and THEY ARE  WONDERFUL PEOPLE. But that doesn’t change the reality in America. Police cover for each other. The police union is going to do everything they can to protect the officer. I understand and expect it to a certain extent (just like in the Marines when you try to hook up someone in your platoon; no one wants to bring down their brother). But this is someone’s child… and sometimes morality and ethics HAVE to trump your brotherhood. The issue with policing the police is a problem all across America. It has been for a long time and I imagine it always will be. Maybe if there is enough outcry we can get cameras to be mandatory on all police cars and uniforms. Furthermore, black people traditionally have a large distrust of government and police for good reason. For much of America’s history the justice system has been a tool to keep black people down. You can argue over whether this is intentional or not, but the fact remains that it has been a tool of oppression… Police are not trusted in the black community because our history is police officers locking up a large part of our families/friends and beating the sh*t out of us. To white people a cop may be a symbol of safety…for black people a cop is a symbol of oppression.

4.) scandals involving police abuse is ALMOST ALWAYS is against a black person or latino. That’s the real problem. You don’t hear about black cops shooting unarmed white people, nor can you find anything about it, because it DOESN’T HAPPEN. Everyone has stereotypes and when it comes to black people they are almost ALL negative. When I say “drug dealer” you think of a black dude sitting on the corner 99% of the time (so do I ). If I say crackhead, you are most likely are going to think of a black person 99% of the time (so do I). Do you think affirmative action, and civil rights laws are in place to protect white people from being discriminated against by black people? No.. you know why not.. cause it almost NEVER happens. How many times have mobs of black people lynched white people and hung them from trees in this nation? Go ahead.. I’ll wait while you find one instance. After the civil war did black people take up arms in order to keep the white devil in his place? No.. but southern whites formed the KKK to keep “niggers” in their place. Was it black people with dogs and water hoses keeping white people segregated? NOPE. 
Did black people introduce crack to the black community? Oh…that would be the CIA, which has NEVER had a black person in charge, so I guess we can thank a white man for the crack problem too…

It’s amazing that people think everything is all good in America because “history” is just history. It’s NOT JUST HISTORY. Those events have an effect.
AMERICA has a history of fucking over black people… and some black people will NEVER forgive or forget this.. especially when many feel like it is still happening.

Are there some African Americans that need to get their mindset fixed? For sure…. I am related to some of them.
And I don’t know how looting shoes is helping anything either…
But if you are looking for where to place the blame research these points in American history:

1.) Chattel slavery - speaks for itself. (But note the “chattel” part; there ARE different types of slavery. Slavery as practiced in America is vastly different from slavery as practiced in Africa.)

2.) Jim crow - also speaks for itself

3.) Cointelpro - Hoover’s FBI seeks to eliminates all credible black leaders during the civil rights movement

4.) Rockefeller drug laws / War on Drugs - drugs laws are enacted mandating long prison sentences for drug offences that are applied disproportionality to blacks and Latino’s.

5.) CIA trafficking crack to the inner city (Dark Alliance, Oscar Danilo Blandón Reyes and Freeway Ricky Ross)

These all had a very negative affect on the black community in America and ALL due directly to our government. Human History is not a fishbowl. Events have effects that resonate throughout history.
How many good meaningful black leaders were lost? How many homes were broken? ‪#‎YouMustLearn‬

The sad fact is there are very few elected government officials that give a damn about ANYONE that’s not giving dollars to their campaign. Most of us live decent enough lives that we don’t feel the neeed to riot when our government angers or disappoints us. BUT what if you felt so strongly about a something that there was the ONLY ONE way you could think of to get the media and government to pay attention? Should you sit idly by forever if you felt your rights were being violated again and again? No… of course not. This nation was founded by revolutionaries that provided for an ARMED populace as a check against tyranny. I personally think rioting is not a goood option, but I don’t live in a neighborhood where I feel my kids might get shot by the police just for being their skin color…. All I am saying is everyone has the right to live free or die trying.

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If there was no ugliness in the world you wouldn’t appreciate the beauty half as much…

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The U.S. is getting involved in The Iraq war again right around the time of the anniversary of Ski’s and Trejo’s death its got me thinking and drinking ….. As much I would love to see every fucking one of those ISIS bastards get blown to hell… I think, will this war ever end? How much more…how many more lives…